Bad Astronomy

Canada slips further into goofiness

When you have an ex-Minister of Defense who believes with all his heart in UFOs, and a Minister of State for Science who seems really fuzzy on what evolution is and whether it’s real, I guess it’s no surprise that a Canadian newspaper would give astronomy and astrology equal footing.

But it’s awfully embarrassing.

My friend J. Randy Atwood was interviewed by The Star to discuss the vernal equinox last week. What he didn’t know is that they would intersperse his clear reality-based answers with those of an astrologer, who says things like this word salad:

Somebody who’s born at 0 degrees Aries – that’s a particularly strong Aries person … William Shatner, Captain Kirk, has kind of the ultimate Aries energy in a way: going forth, boldly going where no one has gone before, pioneering, being in command, leading intuitively. This is Aries.

Pssst! Hey, astrologer: Captain Kirk is a character in a made-up show. He isn’t real, just like astrology. But thanks for playing.

I don’t know what offends me more: what he’s doing to science, or what he’s doing to Trek.

But that’s nothing compared to the ookiness I feel from a newspaper even giving the time of day to an astrologer, let alone elevating one to the level of expert with an actual scientist.

The Star: feh on you. Feh.


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