Bad Astronomy

BA Alert: Coast to Coast AM tonight!

Hey BABloggees: I’m going to be on Coast to Coast AM tonight from 11-12 Pacific time (7-8 a.m. UT). Here’s a list of stations that carry the show; many of them stream the show live so you can listen on your computer. We’ll be talking about various current events, probably the asteroid that just skimmed past us, Comet Lulin, Pluto’s atmosphere, the Chinese Moon probe, and anything else we have time for. The whole thing will be under an hour, and I get excited and talk a lot, so we probably won’t cover all of these.

Also, check out this awesome image of tree pareidolia on the C2C site. Hypnotree!

UPDATE: I found this way cool video of the asteroid that zoomed by this morning. It’s not much to look at, but note the time display, and remember this thing isn’t all that much bigger than a house.