Bad Astronomy

Why is science important?

I met Alom Shaha last year while in London; by coincidence, really. He was working with my friend Gia filming an interview with her, and I tagged along (I got to use the clapper to start the clips!). Afterwards we went to a diner and had a great conversation. Gia and I left, and I figured I’d never hear from him again.

Wrong! Alom had an idea, and it was a good one: get scientists and science popularizers to write essays and make videos, saying why they thought science was important, and put them on a website called, oddly, Why is Science Important. Alom asked me to do one, and I kept blowing him off until he I felt way too guilty, so I finally caved and made a video.

It’s now online, and here it is:

Love it, hate it? Leave a comment at Alom’s site! And check out the videos and essays others have sent him. There’s a lot of very good stuff there.

Science is important. Go find out why.