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Stimulated package

Good news! It looks like a lot of the science stimulus funding will stay in the economic package!

Here’s the breakdown:

Science $300,000,000
Aeronautics $250,000,000
Shuttle Replacement $500,000,000
Cross-Agency Support (Construction) $250,000,000
Office of the Inspector General $2,000,000
Total = $1,302,000,000
National Science Foundation
Research and related activities $1,000,000,000
Major equipment and facilities construction $150,000,000
Education and human resources $50,000,000
Office of the Inspector General $2,000,000
Total = $1,202,000,000

So the package means NASA and the NSF each get over a billion dollars in additional funding, though apparently the Department of Energy office of science did not get any additional funding, which is a bummer (DOE did get $1B for energy efficiency research). NASA gets $500M for Shuttle replacement work, which is very badly needed, and $300M to go toward science (yay!). NSF gets a cool billion for research, which means lots and lots of scientists will be able to further our knowledge and make the world a better place.

This bill will go up for vote on Monday. It may still get voted down, though I doubt it; lots of compromises were made (too many, perhaps), so IMO a filibuster is unlikely. With people hurting as much as they are right now, and a clear mandate for change that’s swept the nation, anyone who looks obstructionist at this point is risking political suicide.

We’ll see how this plays out on Monday.

Tip o’ the majority whip to ScienceDebate2008.