Bad Astronomy

Spacefest 2009

Today I am winging my way to San Diego, the site of this year’s SpaceFest. It’s the second SpaceFest, actually; the first was in 2007 in Phoenix, and I had a great time there. When they asked me to come back, it wasn’t hard to decide.

The roster for this year is even better, if possible. Almost all the living Moonwalking astronauts will be there, and as a bonus we’ll have the entire Apollo 9 crew as well as Michael Collins. Plus there’s artwork, talks by scientists, authors, and astronauts, and lots of fun. I’ll be giving two talks; my Moon Hoax talk (I can’t decide if I hope Buzz is there or not; I think he’d get a kick out of the talk, but I’d be terrified to stand in front of him and give it. What if he punches me?) and a black holes talk based on my book. I’ll be signing books there too.

If you live near Sandy Eggo, do yourself a favor and drop by.