Bad Astronomy

My head is blogging!

My partner in Hive Overmind crime, Carl Zimmer, asked me to do an interview with him on BloggingHeadsTV, a forum for bloggers to talk about what they do. Never one to turn down an opportunity to shamelessly self-promote talk about what I love doing, I accepted. The interview video is online, or you can watch it right here.

That was fun, though the setup was touchy – we had to do it by phone to get good audio, but I recorded it on the laptop via QuickTime. I think it worked out pretty well, with only one call-waiting clicking in my audio track. We covered a lot of ground, talking about how I got into this all (I answer that one a lot; I’d love to get asked what it would take to get me to stop doing all this), the book, NASA, and more. There’s already a lengthy comment list on the site, but add to it if you see fit.