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More reviews of DEATH!

I’ve been slacking in my linking to reviews of my book Death from the Skies!, for the two of you who haven’t been inundated with my onslaught of self-promotional posts. So here are seven:

1) The scifi blog io9 (which calls the book “the most entertaining astronomy book of the year”. I’m offended actually, since of course they meant “… of all time”);

2) Quintessential Rambling;

3) The Weekender;

4) Ezine Articles;

5) The Canton Michigan public library;

6) Mike Dunford at Science Blogs, who writes The Questionable Authority,


7) Jason Bock’s personal review, where he compares my book to one by to Isaac Asimov. Whoa.

They all liked it, and it makes me smile that so many people liked my footnotes. I used them a lot for the jokes, though one lengthy one describes magnetars, which scare the poop out of me. Someday I’ll write more about them. There’s something about a seismic shift in the crust of a neutron star measuring 32 on the Richter scale that just begs to be discussed…