Bad Astronomy

Like measles, antivaxxers’ prevarications on the rise

These guys never quit, do they? When all the evidence is against them, when their hero – Andrew Wakefield – turns out to have not just feet of clay but claims of mud, when scientific study after scientific study shows no link between vaccines and autism, when kids are getting sick and dying because people believe the antiscience claims of the antivax/pro-disease movement, what do antivaxxers like Jenny McCarthy, David Kirby, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. do?

Why, they just keep boldly spreading nonsense, garbage, and propaganda, of course.

I need not go into details here, as Orac has done it very thoroughly (and has followup info), as has Skeptic Dad.

I guess if you’re putting kids’ lives at risk, bearing false witness is a far less unforgivable sin.

In case you missed it before, at TAM 7 we’re holding a vaccination drive in Las Vegas, to make sure that kids get the protection they need against easily preventable diseases. Even if you aren’t coming to TAM, you can contribute to the cause to get kids their vaccines; it’s only $16 for one shot, and $25 for more than one.

The best defense against McCarthy, Kirby, Kennedy, and their ilk? Get kids their shots.