Bad Astronomy

It’s two, two, two dumbosities in one!

Best UFO image EVER
Yes, the best UFO footage ever.
Oh, The Sun. You make
my life so much more wonderful.
So, what do you get when you mix the usual non-existent journalistic standards of The Sun with the usual goofiness of breathless video of Venus/a bright star/an airplane mistaken for a UFO?

Why, you get the most wonderful – and true – story lede ever!

“Could this be the clearest clip yet of a UFO above our skies?”

And why is this lede so awesomely wonderful? Well, just watch the clip. I find myself agreeing: yes, a fuzzy, shaky, curse-laden video clip that lasts all of 15 seconds really is among the best UFO video footage ever.

Who would’ve thought The Sun would ever get something right?

Tip o’ the tin foil beanie to Fark.