Bad Astronomy

In the black

This is for serious Firefly fans… though I reckon a lot of folks will enjoy Marian Call’s dulcet tones, whether they’re set to Firefly clips or not. But Eron Garcia did an outstanding job putting this together.

Marian is some kinda gal, and her voice is simply astonishing. She’s a Browncoat, in case you didn’t know, so the song’s relation to Mal’s ship – and his predicaments – is no coincidence. Also, I love the double meanings in many of her songs; “in the black” means to be out of debt, but in Firefly it means being deep in space. Many times, that’s where safety lies. But that’s not what Serenity was built for.

Oh: Marian is coming to Colorado, too. I’ll have more info on that when it comes in. But a BABloggee/BATweetup may have to be in the works.