Bad Astronomy

Whoa, three more interviews

Richard and me in front of
an Alaskan glacier
Heh. Everybody waits until the new year to put up their ‘casts. I have three more now: one rather short, one longer, and one that’s Greek to me.

1) My friend and Aussie skeptic Richard Saunders asked me for a 30 second blurb for whatever I wanted, so I sent him a rapid-fire rundown of the blogs I write for. That’s up at, with my blurb at about 25:30 (here’s a direct link to the MP3). SkepticZone is the #1 podcast in Australian iTunes for social sciences, and is doing very well globally for skeptical and scientific podcasts too.


2) I was interviewed by John Hockenberry (I remember him from MSNBC many years ago!) who does a radio show called The Takeaway. We talked about Obama’s mixed signals for NASA (they contacted me after reading what I wrote on the subject). That was a fun interview; I had to drive to a local radio station to use their ISDN line, so it felt more official. Check out the cool media player they have on their site! Very cute. My part starts at 1:03:50.

3) I was interviewed about the book by Katerina Economakou for the Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia. The piece is online, but – in the “duh” category – it’s in Greek. The cool thing is that apparently my name is spelled Φίλιπ Πλέιτ in Greek. κοολ!