Bad Astronomy

A quick note about the AAS

I’ve been getting email and tweets about the American Astronomical Society meeting going on right now in Long Beach California, so I thought I’d make a coupla quick comments:

1) I am not there. Long story, but it just didn’t work out this year. I love going to the meetings – and I’ll be honest here – because it’s my annual chance to get together with a lot of friends, both new and old. I can’t believe I’ll miss the clubbing night this year… but anyway, I’m not there, and I’m doing any writing about it from home. I’ll preface each post title with “AAS #XX” to let you know it’s from the meeting.

2) You can participate vicariously in the press conferences by going to the Astronomy Cast live stream. Whenever there is a press conference (three times a day, usually) or some other live event, you can watch it there. They have a live chat room on that page as well, so you can actually participate!

That’s it. I’ll post what I can about the meeting, as well as the usual nonsense. But expect to hear a lot of astronomy news this week! And remember, those yellow Digg buttons at the tops of my posts work pretty well. :)