Bad Astronomy

The War on Christmas, the podcast edition

I did a couple of podcasts recently, with slightly varied results.

The first is the BBC Sky at Night ‘cast with Will Gater and Chris Bramley (direct link to MP3). We talk DftS!, astronomy, evil doomcriers, misconceptions, movies, Obama’s influence on space science, and IYA 2009.

The second, and decidedly different contribution, was for the third Skepchick ‘cast, where they have some fun with The War on Christmas ™ (direct link to MP3). They got a bunch of people to send snarky and sarcastic messages about how they’re contributing to The War. I show up at 24:40. And hey: the podcast itself is pretty much wall-to-wall NSFW. There’s some stuff that’ll offend a lot of people, of course, but also some pretty adult conversations about gift giving. I’m just sayin’.