Bad Astronomy


Jesus in the dog door
It is the first day of December, and that means it’s a month of miracles. Just ask Roger Bowman, who is claiming the face of Jesus has appeared in his doggie door.

Yes, I’ll let you catch your breath after that one.

He claims that this must be real, because 1) it appeared when he was thinking of “getting rid of” his dogs (he’s now going to keep them), and 2) the ice machine in his refrigerator suddenly started working again.

I thought Jesus turned water in to wine, not ice, but hey: with global warming, maybe He’s just keeping up with the times.

New Humanist has another photo of the doggie door, including the doggies who don’t appear to think much of it either way. But you know Bowman must believe it’s true, because he put it up on eBay. That’s right, you can now own this slice of flapdoodle (“flap”, because it’s a doggie door! Oh man, I kill me!), though it’s now over $1000. But wait, there’s more! If you buy the door, this devout devotee will actually make an appearance at your house for the unveiling! And he’ll bring his dog! If you pay for all expenses, of course.

Sigh. I expect to see more nonsense like this rather than less as Christmas approaches.

And speaking of which, this guy has made a huge mistake. Given that it’s the present-giving season, and what the face in the door really looks like, he should have used it to promote the Iron Man DVD.

Tip o the flea collar to Dave Pearson.