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A Big Bangin’ panel at Comic Con

Comic Con is a vast convention for all manners of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, gaming, and what-have-you. It used to be much smaller, but in recent years has gotten a huge surge from covering those topics in TV and movies, and now some pretty big stars show up.

I was totally chuffed to score almost front-row seats at a panel for the TV show “The Big Bang Theory”. The panel was moderated by my close personal friend Adam Savage™, and featured both executive producers Chuck Lorre and (sometime BABloggee) Bill Prady, and the entire cast.

It was incredibly funny, and one of the major highlights of the con for me. I taped the whole thing, and I suspect it’s OK to put up some short snippets, especially since I’ve been pimping the show.

I’ve made three short clips, and I’ll put one up each morning. This first one has the intro of everyone, then a very funny segment with Jim Parsons, who plays the incredibly OCD Sheldon, talking about science. You may recognize the voice of the lout who shouts something out at 5:30 in.