Bad Astronomy

Trek Wreck

The trailer for the new Trek movie just came out in the US (it’s shown before “Quantum of Solace”). Bootleg versions are popping up on You Tube; search for Star Trek 11 to find some (I won’t point to them, seeing as how they’re illegal and all that).

My opinion, as a big Trek fan (I am far more into Trek than, say, Star Wars): the young Kirk part looks like I’d rather nap under a Horta than watch it, but the rest of it looks pretty good. I’m not terribly concerned with “canon” – the official history established by the show and earlier movies – because the episodes were so mutually contradictory that the only way to be a Trek fan and not lose your mind is to be a bit lenient in the self-consistency department. For example, there was that one TNG episode with Wesley Crusher in a clown sweater, and it was never mentioned again. What were they thinking?

Anyway, I will most certainly watch the flick, and I will most certainly review it right here after I do. But that’s not until May, so for now I’ll just try to avoid all the spoilers and catch reruns when they’re on TV.