Bad Astronomy


Scalzi, shortly after I electrocuted him.
John Scalzi is cool. He’s a science fiction writer, and a year or two ago I was lamenting of never reading SF again. I was reading Wil Wheaton’s blog, and he was raving over this scifi writer guy’s blog, so I took a look. Next thing I know, I’ve read Old Man’s War, The Android’s Dream, The Last Colony, and more. Scalzi rocks.

He also has a feature on his blog, Whatever, called The Big Idea, where he gets authors to describe the process of writing their book. He asked me to contribute to The Big Idea about Death from the Skies!, so I did. It’s a bit of the back story of how the book got made, and what it was like. I haven’t written much about that here on my own blog, so go take a look.

Maybe he’ll tape bacon to my book. That would be awesome.