Bad Astronomy

Astronomy Cast …of DEATH!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of talking with my dear friend and excellent person Pamela Gay, who interviewed me for Astronomy Cast. We talked Death from the Skies! of course. It’s always fun talking with Pamela (and not just because one of the two best radio voices ever – if she ever does a podcast with George Hrab, the mega-sonorous tones may melt me down to my component molecules), and it’s fun talking about cosmic disasters, so this was fun2. Hope you like it.

And I don’t seem to have a picture of Pamela and me together, even from DragonCon where we hung out a lot. So instead, enjoy this: one of my favorites pictures of Pamela, featuring her hanging with fellow awesome skeptic D.J. Grothe. Update: the equally awesome Space Writer has a picture of Pamela and me from last year. I remember that being less awkward than it looks.