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Palin comparison

Note: Because I can sometimes be a little vocal, I have added a disclaimer in the right sidebar. To be clear: opinions expressed on this blog are mine, and mine alone. But I’m usually right.

So, Sarah Palin. I know I’m late in the game here, since I was at DragonCon (more on that later, promise). And others have said pretty much what I’m thinking (like Gia and Scalzi, particularly Scalzi’s Point Number 4), but still, I have a few comments.


1) Creationist sympathizer (at the very least)? Check.

2) Against women’s rights? Check (yes, that link is ironic).

3) Inexperienced, thus negating one of McCain’s planks for election? Check.

4) Had no clue what the Vice President’s job even frackin’ was a few months ago? Check.

5) Used in a pandering attempt by the McCain campaign to woo the disenfranchised women who wanted Hillary, in a completely transparent insult to their intelligence because it assumes that a woman will vote on a candidate just because she has an XX chromosome and will ignore the blatant fact that Palin will set the women’s movement back, oh, say, three hundred years? Check.

Edited to add: 6) Iraq was ordained by God? Check.

So yeah, have fun with this.