Bad Astronomy

Were you at TAM? Randi needs your help!

Saturday was a big day at The Amaz!ngMeeting 6 in Las Vegas. I was one of the speakers, but we also had quite a few others talking about all sorts of cool things.

One problem: the Flamingo hotel A/V crew, in their near-infinite stupidity, screwed up the audio of the entire day. All Randi’s group has is video, with no sound. Besides making DVD sales difficult, this means we’ve lost the record of that day for posterity as well.

If you were at TAM 6, and you took audio (or video) of the meeting on Saturday, please please please send it to the JREF! Contact Rich – rich “at” randi “dot” org – and let him know, and he’ll be able to give you info on how to send it in. You can also get more info on the JREF bulletin board.