Bad Astronomy

Shakin’ up astrological nonsense

You know that astrology is equal to the solid waste matter that is extruded from a male bovine mammal, right? Want proof?

Watch this video:

Yes, you got it. An astrologer is startled – nay, shocked – by an earthquake while filming a YouTube video with her daily horoscope predictions.

Yet somehow, while doing that voodoo hooey she do so badly – she missed the fact that she was about to experience an earthquake!

I love irony.

Even better, she was just saying how your horoscope predicts that “you can keep your cool”, and “the stars have your back”. At that moment, the earthquake hits. Wow.


And yes, you believers in nonsensical astrological garbage, I know there are different kinds of astrology, and that even you think that this woman is practicing a ridiculous form of astrology, while yours is of course the totally real kind of astrology, even though the actual truth of the matter is that you are both buying into what is essentially the exact same flavor of nonsense.

Astrology doesn’t work. It really really doesn’t, OK? But if you really really feel the need, please go ahead and leave a comment telling me how close-minded I am, and how your particular brand of astrology works, even though it has no predictive capabilities, is contradicted by iron-clad experiments, and also goes against everything we know about reality.

But other than that, it totally works.

Tip o’ the wizard’s hat to the legion of BABloggees who sent me this news! Thanks!