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Who will exorcise McCain’s choice for VP?

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that one potential VP pick for McCain is Bobby Jindal, current governor of Louisiana. He’s also a creationist. He also thinks it should be taught in the classroom. He also thinks abstinence-only education works.

So you can imagine my opinion of him.

But it’s now come to light that Jindal believes that an exorcism he performed with some college friends not only cast out a demon from a young woman, but also cured her skin cancer.


Let’s be especially clear on this: a potential VP candidate thinks that an exorcism cured cancer.

Cancer. Cured. By an exorcism.

At some level, I may be offending some of my readers. But I think this needs to be discussed. My stance on such things as angels is clear, and demons go in the same category. A widely quoted figure (though I can’t find the original source) say that more than 3/4 of Americans believe in literal angels.


Clearly, I’m bucking the trend.

So maybe this won’t be a big issue if Jindal gets picked by McCain to be his VP. But I think it should be. Maybe a lot of Americans believe in such things, but most foreign citizens don’t. I wonder what other countries’ dignitaries would think of us if Jindal were our VP?

And need I say it? Faith doesn’t cure cancer. Science does.

Hat tip to TotalFark, in a thread that didn’t get greenlit so I can’t link to it. But you can read a bit more on Majikthise.