Bad Astronomy

Lousiana: pile on the dooming

Bobby Jindal, governor of utterly doomed Louisiana, is a creationist. That’s very clear. And now he’s on YouTube making it even clearer!

Wow. He wants creationism to be taught in the classroom*! It’s that simple – don’t let them fool you with lies about Intelligent Design; that’s just another word for creationism (this was proved beyond a doubt at the Dover trial). If this guy were my governor… well. People of Louisiana, I implore you to get rid of this guy. But please please please, not by giving him to McCain. Just in case.

Crooks and Liars has more.

Hat tip to Dave from the Atheist Media Blog, who let me know about this video.

*Don’t forget about the exorcism, too! Here’s another video on that nonsense.