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Here is some of today’s most interesting science analysis and commentary on the Web. For straight news reports, check out the news page. For Human Nature’s takes, visit the blog. To add your own take, open or join a discussion thread in the Fray—and please link to the original story so others can participate intelligently in the conversation.

July 1

Performance-enhancing drugs at the office
(Neil Munro, National Journal)

Don’t fall for the indoor tanning industry’s carcinogenic lies
(Art Caplan, MSNBC)

Report advises investors on how to profit from the global obesity crisis
(Jacob Goldstein, Wall Street Journal)

Pursuing economic growth doesn’t make countries happier
(Shankar Vedantam, Washington Post)

The industry case for high fructose corn syrup
(Suzanne Vranica, Wall Street Journal)

Do gun laws really reduce crime?
(Adam Liptak, New York Times)

June 20

Why I circumcised my son
(Jeremy Kuper, Guardian)

The genetics and psychology behind men’s short life spans
(Adam Voiland, U.S. News)

California case tests whether religious doctors can deny fertility treatment to single women
(Ashley Surdin, Washington Post)

Transplant surgeon urges governments to legalize and regulate the global organ market
(Jeremy Laurance, Independent)

Are kids of sperm donors entitled to know who their dads are?
(Claudia Kalb, Newsweek)

June 13

McCain’s lousy voting record on birth control
(Nancy Keenan, Newark Star-Ledger)

Why some people deliberately amputate their limbs
(Jesse Ellison, Newsweek)

Neuroscientist urges “mental privacy” rules to protect people from invasive brain scans
(Roger Highfield, Daily Telegraph)

The environmental folly of buying a new Prius
(Matt Power, Chuck Squatriglia, Wired)

The water you waste most is the water you can’t see
(Thomas Kostigen, Discover)

The environmental case for genetically modified crops
(Spencer Reiss, Wired)

TV personality under fire for not disclosing her weight-loss surgery
(Katy Guest, Independent)

More debate over Purple Hearts for psychological injuries
(Mark Thompson, Time)

Genetics, brain science, and bipolar disorder
(Mary Carmichael, Newsweek)

June 10

Are gay couples better at sharing work and resolving conflicts?
(Tara Parker-Pope, New York Times)

Shedding fat with radio waves
(Laura Johannes, Wall Street Journal)

The ridiculous hoops we make people jump through to adopt pets
(Steve Hendrix, Washington Post)

Is psychological stress from debt causing public health problems?
(Jeannine Aversa, AP)

The health benefits of sunshine
(Thomas Maugh, Los Angeles Times)

Using exercise to fend off drug and alcohol addiction
(Lauran Neergaard, AP)

Vacations are good for your health
(Alina Tugend, New York Times)

June 6

The bum rap on sharks
(Christopher Wanjek, LiveScience)

Debate continues over organ-harvesting ambulances
(David Caruso, AP)

More on gay animals
(Emily Driscoll, Scientific American) ($)

Suit demands human rights for chimps
(Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience)

June 4

Debunking the overhyped teen STD epidemic
(Neil Munro, National Journal)

Why take a drug that makes you want sex?
(Michele Hanson, Guardian)

Studies debate whether fruit juice is bad for kids
(Anne Harding, Reuters)

The pervasiveness of steroids in horse racing
(Bill Finley, New York Times)

Smokers bristle at new proposed U.K. tobacco restrictions
(Brian Brady, Independent)

The moral pros and cons of using animals in medical research
(James Randerson, Guardian / Simon Festing, Guardian)

Scientists lead backlash against creationism in Britain
(Ian Johnston, Independent)

More on the case for eating bugs
(Geoffrey Lean, Independent)

June 2

Happy, loving cousin couples
(Emma Cook, Guardian)

Why is the ratio of male to female births decreasing?
(Judith Graham, Chicago Tribune)

How to identify altered pictures
(Hany Farid, Scientific American)

Do energy drinks cause risky indulgence in sex, drugs, and violence?
(Tara Parker-Pope, New York Times)

The latest boomlet in autism-vaccination linkage
(Cassandra Jardine, Daily Telegraph)