Bad Astronomy

BA black holes talk in Boulder

On Thursday Feb. 28 and Friday Feb. 29 at 19:30 (Mountain time), I will be giving my “Seven Ways a Black Hole Can Kill You” talk at Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, CO. This is my first talk here in my new hometown, so I’m pretty excited! They have details online, and directions to Fiske too.

I actually put this talk together several years ago when I was at Sonoma State University, since we did a lot of work on education using black holes. But I’ve updated it to reflect what I learned writing the black holes chapter of my upcoming book, Death from the Skies.

In honor of this event, I have added a calendar to the blog listing BA events. You can get to it on every page of the blog; it’s listed as “Events” in the upper right just below the BA logo. And yes, I totally stole this from Rebecca when I saw she had done it.

I hope to see you there!