Bad Astronomy

I am a verb

At the AAS meeting last week I was writing up a blog post about my friend Travis Rector’s image gallery. I clicked on the URL to cut-n-paste it into the blog, but I must have screwed it up: the URL I pasted in was to Orbiting Frog, a blog I had been perusing a few minutes before, liked, and added to my feed reader.

So a few hundred (no doubt baffled after clicking) BABlogees went to Orbiting Frog, expecting to see some of Travis’ pretty pictures. I saw the error fairly quickly and corrected it, but the “damage” had been done: Rob at Orbiting Frog got a bunch of hits.

He noticed the traffic spike, wrote it up, and said he had been Bad Astronomered.

Verbing: I has it.

Anyway, I was going to write up a nice post about OF and tell everyone to go there, but it looks like my work here is done…

… almost. You should read Chris Lintott’s blog too. He runs GalaxyZoo, is co-host of the beloved UK telly programme “Sky at Night”, and is a cool guy and good writer. Show Chris and Rob the lurv.