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Creationist follies

Oh, PZ is having himself a time over Bill Dembski. Y’see, Dembski is a creationist, and a bigwig with the Disco ‘tute, that hotbed of Intelligent Design creationist research which has yet to publish a peer-reviewed paper.

A while back, Dembski stole a slide from a copyrighted work and used it in a talk. Now sometimes, this is totally protected under the Fair Use Act (which I sometimes cower behind myself when giving talks; since critiques, satires, and educational uses are specifically exempted) but it appears that Dembski isn’t covered. When called on it, he said he didn’t know it was copyrighted, but then it was later discovered he full well knew he was breaking the law. I guess, as usual, the Ninth Commandment is optional for creationists.

Anyway, a lawyer (who once defended PZ) has been enjoying this immensely, and PZ has the goods. As you read it, remember, this is one of the leading lights of the ID creationist movement. Enjoy.