Bad Astronomy

Call For Help!

Way back in 2001, there was this channel called TechTV. And on this channel there was a show called “Call for Help”. And on this show there was a host who was this major frakkin’ geek named Chris Pirillo. Regular BABlog readers (and those who haven’t been eating their bran too) know I have talked about Pirillo many times. He invited me to be on “Call for Help”, and we became friends. I made four appearances on the show, I think it was.

So here I am today, finally cleaning my office at home, and lo, what do I find? A tape labeled “Call For Help”. Hmmm. I pop it in the ol’ (and I do mean ol’) VCR, and this is what I found. I think it’s my first appearance on the show, from November 8, 2001. I look exactly the same as I did then, but I think Chris is taller.

I think I was talking too fast, but I was really enjoying myself.

For what it’s worth, I still have that shirt.