Bad Astronomy

The View spins the Earth

Via Friendly Atheist (and he is) comes the news that The View is spinning madly (more than the Earth does!) over Sherri Shepherd’s statement that she wasn’t sure if the Earth was round or flat. Why, she was only having “one of those senior brain poopy moments”! [Note: the video has been taken down after I originally posted this. If you know of another copy, please post a link in the comments!]

Sorry, but that’s so much fertilizer. Watch the first clip again– she was defending her ignorance, saying she had better things to worry about – that doesn’t sound like she was in a nervous panic to me. It’s possible, of course, but after watching the clip again I would say that that was no senior moment– but it certainly was a poopy-brained one. And lest we forget: she said she doesn’t “believe” in evolution. She gets no pardon from me. My original statement still stands: there is a level of ignorance that is unacceptable in society at all, but especially for someone on TV. Read my followup too.

And Elizabeth Hasselbeck makes a statement at the end which proves that together, she and Ms. Shepherd will be impeding our nation’s progress for some time to come. She actually defends ignorance. At least Ms. Shepherd (sorta) apologizes for her dumb statement. Ms. Hasselbeck revels in it.