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Kent Hovind: creationist liar and evil, evil, evil

Kent Hovind is an evil creationist liar who is currently cooling his backside in prison, convicted for evading $840,000 in taxes. That’s the good news. It’s downhill from there.

His group, Creation Science Evangelism, has been on a pogrom – a jihad, if you will – taking down YouTube videos that reveal Hovind for what he is: an evil creationist liar. This group has been sending YouTube notices of copyright infringement, claiming that the anti-Hovind videos are using copyrighted material from Hovind himself.


There’s only one small problem: Hovind has said in the past that his videos are not copyrighted! * So why would he then turn around and say they are copyrighted? Why, to illegally silence his critics, of course!

Did I mention he’s an evil creationist liar?


CSE has sent YouTube many of these notices, and YouTube has been responding by suspending the accounts of the users. I don’t blame YouTube for this; they have to take down the videos until they can determine what’s what. It’s Hovind’s group that’s the real decaying rot of society here. JanieBelle has details of the first shot across the bow by Hovind’s noisome cult, when RabidApe was suspended from YouTube. And now she has the goods on their suspension of the Rational Response Squad (NSFW language on both links; in fact, in most of the links in this post). The RRS says this is a felony, since Hovind’s group is making multiple false copyright claims.


A creationist like Hovind breaking the law? Heaven forbid!


Oh wait. He’s already in prison for a felony. Silly me.

It’s not so much the felonious actions that tick me off (though the upside is that they are actionable) as it is the wanton and horrifying misuse of the law to silence critics. They must know what they are doing is wrong and illegal. As I’ve said before, I guess, for creationists, the Ninth Commandment is optional.

Here is an RRS video on the topic (hosted by Janie, since RRS is suspended).

Here is another video made by RRS and hosted by Revver, just in case:

If you have a blog, and any sense of reality and decency, spread the word. Link to Janie, link to RRS, or host the videos above on your own site.

We must not let felonious, lying, evil men like Kent Hovind win.

*Note: the video linked shows a Hovind web page which explicitly says the materials are not copyrighted; that statement has now been changed to say all materials unless explicitly stated are copyrighted. Revisionism, anyone?