Bad Astronomy

Weekly World News Abducted By Aliens!

OK, not really. But the nation’s silliest newspaper (and that’s saying a lot) is going out of business.


I know, it’s all a big joke, and a lot of folks think that anyone who takes it seriously maybe deserves what they get. And I can’t really fault the Weekly World News if some bonehead at Yahoo News picks up one of their more ridiculous stories and posts it as straight news, thus starting a minor internet scare that the world is coming to an end.

Come to think of it, I can’t hold the WWN at fault at all, any more than I would fault the Onion when some goober takes them seriously as well.

Dumbosity will happen no matter what. At least the WWN didn’t take themselves seriously, like the NYT and the Washington Post do… and the WWN was accurate at least as often as those two publications have been lately.