Bad Astronomy

I love Wil Wheaton

It really is that simple. I love the man.

Why? Because he’s an incredibly good writer? Well, yeah; his blog is hysterical and his sense of comedy is great. Because he was on Star Trek, and I’m a huge geek? Well, duh.

But these pale, pale I say in comparison to the main reason I will always love this guy: he shows exquisitely good taste. He plugged my blog on his vidcast InDigital! It’s a good ‘cast, where he and two other technerds review cool gadgets. In the linked episode he reviewed the Celestron SkyScout, a portable planetarium thingy (which I have heard quite a bit about but have not yet used). At the end of the ‘cast, talking about astronomy, he goes way out of his way to plug my own humble (cough cough) blog:

Wil, since you you read this blog, let it be hereby known that you are way kewl. If you’re ever in the Boulder area, you are invited to stop by and have some of the best cookies you’ve ever had in your life (Mrs. BA is a genius at cookies). And then, weather permitting, we can haul out my telescope and take a look around the sky. I promise, you won’t need that Celestron gadget; I am a walking planetarium program.

Tip o’ the VISOR to Mary Jo Kelleher for alerting me to this!