Bad Astronomy

Hollywood remake part n: now with added BA!

Jeez, I know Hollywood ran out of ideas a zillion years ago, but who greenlit the idea to remake “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” again? What is this, the gazillionth remake?

The trailer is on YouTube, and you can see it below. While the movie may very well be quite watchable – Nicole Kidman is good, as is Daniel Craig – they start the trailer off with some Bad Astronomy right away.

There are several things wrong with that opening clip. First, it shows the Shuttle too far from Earth– no matter what, it can’t get more than about 300 or so miles above the surface. The Earth fills the sky in the real Shuttle’s view, but in that clip you can see the Earth is much farther away.

Also, in real life the Shuttle doesn’t fire its thrusters while it’s aimed at the Earth. That’s silly! To de-orbit, it actually points the back end of the Orbiter into the direction it’s moving, so that it slows down, dropping its height.

Given the premise of the movie, maybe the astronauts had already been taken over by pod people and so did all that on purpose to help spread their spores or seeds or pollen or whatever. Who knows? But I’ve learned not to chalk up to plot what can be attributed to a writer’s ignorance. We’ll see when the movie comes out.

Assuming I see it. It’s unlikely I’ll go to the theater to watch it, but instead I’ll wait for it to go to DVD. Movies have been getting pretty bad again (Pirates III was truly and miserably awful) and I don’t feel like throwing $30 away for the family to go see it in the theater when $5 will get me the DVD. I’m patient. I can wait to see bad movies at home.

Tip o’ the pod to Apolloisgo for the news on this.