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Hey, Kansas creationists: ha ha

Oh, how I loves me my “talk to the hand” moment when it comes to creationists.

From Reuters:

The Kansas Board of Education on Tuesday threw out science standards deemed hostile to evolution, undoing the work of Christian conservatives in the ongoing battle over what to teach U.S. public school students about the origins of life.


Perhaps now the Kansas School Board will no longer be synonymous globally with “knuckle dragging goons who will lie and cheat to make sure they destroy the brains of a generation of children.”.


This is the new school board:

“I’m glad we’ve taken this step. If we are going to have a well-educated populace, this is important,” said board member Sue Gamble.

Man, Kansas gets it. At least some of them do, important ones.


But what’s that braying I hear from Seattle…?

“You have a board in Kansas that is so extreme,” said John West, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, adding that evolution supporters were “anti-religious.”

The institute says Darwin’s theories about the survival of the fittest have led some scientists to embrace eugenics and practices such as forced sterilization.

Ah yes, the Discovery Institute. As a wise man once said about it, “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” Hearing them say that makes me think, well…



It hurts, doesn’t it, DI? To be so well-funded, to blanket the ground of America so thickly with deceit, and yet still have the smart people win?

This is not an extreme board. This is a board doing the right thing, which is precisely what school boards should do. They should base their actions about science on the latest scientific thinking, not on the devious twisting of truth by a group so clearly funded by and aimed at religious fundamentalism.

What’s extreme is denying a century of evidence from science. What’s extreme is ignoring the findings of dozens of different fields of science, from astronomy to zoology, or worse, deliberately lying about them. What’s extreme is ignoring tens of thousands of scientific papers about evolution and the age of the Universe. What’s extreme is lying, repeatedly, about what you mean and what you represent. What’s extreme is equating scientific truth with the social and religious perversion of the Nazis.

I’m not sorry, and I’m not sad. So to you creationists, and to the Discovery Institute: this time, you lose.

This is a great victory for truth and for science, and a great blow to fundamentalism. But don’t for a moment think that even the battle is won, let alone the war. Don’t forget to send your love to people who make the difference.

Now it’s on to New Mexico, Montana, Mississippi

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