Bad Astronomy

No bones about it

Well, it was a good fight, but in the end, PZ Myers and his spineless horde at Pharyngula managed to ooze past the Bad Astronomy Blog to win the “Best Science Blog of 2006” title. It was close: he got 1% more of the total votes cast (22,588) in the Science category; it was 9417 to 9189 in the end.

I have sent him my concession email, and, as promised, I will write some post praising biology in some way (there are some aspects of it I happen to like), and then, in January, at TAM5, I will wholly embarrass myself by saying something nice about PZ and Pharyngula.

I want to thank everyone who voted for me (including Penn, who evidently was quite busy) and especially all the folks who pimped for me (especially Teri, Rebecca, and Janie who all acted above the call). That post with the big list o’ fans will go up shortly.