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Neo-con twist on Xena Eris

Hot on the heels of the news that 2003 UB313, nicknamed Xena for a while, has gotten the official name “Eris”, a neocon blog has already tried to distort this into an anti-liberal rant.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Amazingly, right-wing blogger Mike Janitch says that the renaming is a liberal sniping at the current world situation. After all, the name Eris means “strife” and “discord”, right? And the discoverer of Eris, Mike Brown, is at Caltech– which is in California! GASP!


In his own (bizarrely alternate-Universe) words:

Come on! The only obvious thing is that he was taking a cheap shot at world affairs (and one can only assume at the USA). Why assume the anti-war vibe? Because of his own statements, coupled with the fact that he is from the California Institute of Technology.. located in far west Moonbat country.


Yes, one can only assume.

I thought for sure Janitch was satirizing over-the-top far-right foolishness ala Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, but in fact he links to those two harpies in his blogroll, along with other neocon Koolaid-drinking ridiculousness, and perusing his blog and links really does indicate he’s serious. And shocker– he’s anti-evolution, too.


How do these types come up with such garbage? Mike Brown, who suggested the new name, said that the name Eris was appropriate because of all the strife and discord in the astronomical community over the redefinition of the term “planet”.

Why bother fact-checking when you can make crap up?


Maybe Karl Rove can use this in the November mid-terms. After all, the next thing you know, those far-left pinko astronomers might try to gerrymander Eris and Dysnomia! I’ll get started on that without delay.

Please, oh please, if someone can prove this guy is satirizing neocons, post it in the comments!

Update: I wrote a similar piece about this for The Huffington Post. Now there’s a conspiracy for you.