Bad Astronomy

The Hole Earth Catalog

How many Americans have heard that if you dig a hole straight down, you’ll end up in China?

Well, it ain’t so. According to this way cool GoogleMap tool, anywhere in the continental US of A you dig, you end up in the Indian Ocean (if you start at Hawaii you’ll end up in Botswana). That’s pretty nifty.

I can think of some fun uses of this tool (though the host site uses it to help you create the biggest sandwich in the world). One of these days I’ll finish my essay on what would happen if you dug a hole through the Earth. You can find limited info on it on the web, but nobody I’ve ever seen really pushes this idea as far as it can go… but alas, I’ve already written 3000 words and I’m only half done. Maybe someday I’ll submit it to a magazine. It’s an interesting idea.