Bad Astronomy

Friday quickies

I am heading off to give a talk in Florida Friday morning (I leave at 6:15 my time, YIKES!), so I won’t be writing anything until Sunday, most likely. And I plan on being busy then as well, so I’m leaving you with a few linkies with which to have fun.

  • First, The 37th Skeptics Circle is up!
  • As promised, IAU approves the names of Pluto’s two small moons.
  • The House of Representatives has a budget for NASA, and it’s not quite as bleak as I expected, though it’s still not enough. It’ll be at least two months before the Senate looks at it as well.
  • Speaking of which, here’s an article about NASA science cuts as well.
  • What happens when you dump a bowl full of liquid nitrogen into a pool? This happens.
  • Has the oldest astronomy computer been found?
  • And finally, an optical illusion that’s pretty cool.
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