Bad Astronomy

Mooning St. Louis

BA vs BS

I know, I said I won’t debate antiscientists, but sometime I feel like I have to dip my toes in the water to keep my chops up, or some other mixed metaphor.

So at 5:00 p.m. central time on Monday December 12 (today!), I’ll be on the radio once again destroying the nonsensical claims of the Moon Hoax purveyor Bart Sibrel (he was the one Buzz Aldrin punched, as seen in the animation). This will be on the Dave Glover show on 97.1 FM St. Louis. Sibrel was invited on, and then they emailed me asking if I would come on as well. I agreed (after some cajoling by a friend), since it’s better to have someone debunking him if he’s to be on anyway.

You can listen live here. I encourage all BABloggers to listen in; comment in real time on this post if you can. I’ll be reading it as the show progresses!