Bad Astronomy

Sky Factory

I am still amazed when I cruise the web and find some great astronomy site about which I was previously unaware. The latest is Sky Factory, done by gifted amateur astronomer Davide De Martin. He has several beautiful images (taken from public domain images from the Palomar observatory and reprocessed for color) that are displayed at very high resolution, and then you can pan and zoom around them with some fun software he has on the site.

I spent quite a bit of time playing around near Orion’s Belt. I saw quite a bit of nebulosity I’ve never seen before! Amazing!

He also has phenomenal wallpapers for your desktop, like this one of supernova remnant Simeis147:

Man, I love supernovae remnants!

So go there and play. But set your alarm– otherwise you’ll be there a very long time, investigating the cosmos with incredible detail.