Bad Astronomy

Your Dinner with Randi

James Randi, aka The Amazing One, will be holding the fourth annual Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas in January 2006. I’ll be there, and I promise I’ll blog extensively about it later.

But I have to tell you this now! Randi’s foundation is auctioning on eBay a dinner with him and several high-powered guests (including the incredibly super-wonderful Julia Sweeney).

THIS FIRST AUCTION ENDS AT 12:13 (Pacific time) ON MONDAY! As far as I can tell, there will be more, so you’ll get more chances. If I find out how many more I’ll add it here.

So bid now, bid early, bid often. It’s going to a great cause, and I can guarantee that’ll be a wonderful dinner.

P.S. Randi writes a commentary every Friday on skeptical issues. By his request (and when he asks me to do something, I do it!) I sent him a response I wrote to an article about Intelligent Design. He put it in his commentary this week. I’m busting here!