Bad Astronomy


As a lot of people reading this may know, probably my biggest claim to fame is, bizarrely, debunking people who think the Moon landings were faked. I use weapons most of these people are totally unprepared for, like logic, reason, evidence, truth, etc.

Not everyone takes the time to do it the way I do. Some people, arguably more famous, and more involved with Apollo, tend to take a shorter route. Like, say, Buzz Aldrin. Remember him? Second guy to walk on the Moon, did a voice on the Simpsons? Yeah, him.

So in September 2003, a Moon Hoax proponent of debatable character named Bart Sibrel jumped out at Buzz and asked him to swear on a bible that he (Buzz) walked on the Moon. Buzz refused. So, logically, Bart got in his face, calling him “a coward, a liar, and a thief”.

Buzz used to dogfight MiGs in Korea. He also strapped his butt to a tin can and rode it to the Moon (and back). Calling someone like that a coward may not net you the best reward. In this case, it really didn’t. Buzz clocked Bart with a jab to the jaw.

As if that didn’t humiliate Sibrel enough (who is, after all, his own worst enemy), this moment has once again been immortalized, but this time as a cartoon.

The cartoon was drawn by Thrdgll. There are lots of other cartoons there too, many of which are really, really funny. But the first panel of that Buzz Aldrin strip made my day.

Poor Bart. But then, when you devote your life to spewing the kind of unadulterated crap that he does, perhaps a little bit of karma doesn’t hurt. Us, I mean. It hurt him, I’ll bet.

My thanks to Bad Astronomy Bulletin Board poster “Smackdown”, who alerted me to this.