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The Fields of David Smith

His steel sculptures return to their roots.

“The Fields of David Smith”
Storm King Art Center
Moutainville, N.Y.
May 17-Nov. 15, 1999

In the decade before his death in 1965, David Smith filled the hills around his home in the Adirondack Mountains with scores of monumental steel and iron sculptures, creating one of the most moving and idiosyncratic places in American art. This long-dispersed “sculpture farm” has been the inspiration for a three-year exhibition, curated by one of his daughters, titled “The Fields of David Smith.” This week, “The Browser” visits Storm King Art Center in upstate New York to view the third and final installment of the show, which runs through Nov. 15. The review takes the form of a virtual tour of selected works in the show. Click here to begin the presentation of 15 slides. Click for a text-only version.