A Hit YouTube Channel’s Whimsical English Subtitles

Two translators for the Korean YouTube channel SBS Animal Farm explain how they write subtitles for an English-language audience.


Episode Notes

This week, host Karen Han talks to Hannah Yim and Justine Won, subtitle translators for the YouTube channel SBS Animal Farm. The channel features cute animal videos with Korean subtitles, which Hannah and Justine adapt for an English-speaking audience. In the interview, they discuss the challenges of translating Korean slang and other culturally specific language into English. They also discuss their fast-paced workflow and what it’s like to get feedback from YouTube commenters.

After the interview, Karen and co-host June Thomas talk about the positives and negatives of fast-paced work environments.

In the exclusive Slate Plus segment, Hannah and Justine talk more about their workflow and how they divide up their duties.

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