An Opera Singer’s Meticulous Pre-Show Routine

Bass-baritone Ryan Speedo Green explains how he prepares for the role of boxer Emile Griffith in Champion at the Met Opera.


Episode Notes

This week, host Isaac Butler talks to opera singer Ryan Speedo Green, who is currently starring in the show Champion at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. In the interview, Speedo shares the meticulous pre-show routine that allows him to portray the real-life boxer Emile Griffith in Champion. He also discusses the research that went into the role, the unique genre-bending qualities of Champion, and his specialization in opera and opera alone.

After the interview, Isaac and co-host June Thomas discuss their own creative routines and practices.

In the exclusive Slate Plus segment, Speedo talks about the opera roles he would like to tackle in the future.

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