How Normal Gossip Producer Alex Sujong Laughlin Helps Shape the Podcast

“Number-one goal is to have fun. Number-two goal is to not destroy anyone’s life.”


Episode Notes

This week, Working producer Cameron Drews talks to Alex Sujong Laughlin, producer of the hit podcast Normal Gossip. In the interview, Alex explains what a producer does and discusses how important it is for producers to have creative input. Then she digs into the process behind Normal Gossip and shares how she and host Kelsey McKinney anonymize the gossip stories and make decisions about which details to tweak and which ones to keep.

After the interview, Cameron and co-host June Thomas talk more about what it’s like to be a podcast producer.

In the exclusive Slate Plus segment, Alex shares her favorite and least favorite production tasks. She also tells a story about a listener email that she and Kelsey received.

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