Writer Barbara Wilson on the Origins of Feminist Publisher Seal Press

“We had a very loyal readership who would read anything that we wrote.”


Episode Notes

This week, host June Thomas talks to Barbara Wilson, author of multiple mystery novels and co-founder of the feminist publishing house Seal Press, which launched in 1976. In the interview, Barbara starts by discussing her mystery novels and her decision to revive the character Cassandra Reilly. Then she talks about her experience co-founding Seal Press and the challenges that she and her colleagues faced as indie publishers.

After the interview, June and co-hose Isaac Butler chat about the use of formulas in fiction.

In the exclusive Slate Plus segment, Barbara explains why she changed her name to Barbara Sjoholm and started publishing certain books under that name.

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  • June Thomas is the co-host of Slate's Working podcast. She is writing a book about archetypical lesbian spaces.