The New Yorker’s Rebecca Mead on the Challenge of Writing About Herself

“I was constantly anxious and upset that I didn’t know what I was doing.”


Episode Notes

This week, host June Thomas talks to New Yorker writer Rebecca Mead about her new memoir Home/Land, which traces her experience moving back to Britain after living in New York for decades years and becoming a U.S. citizen. In the interview, Rebecca discusses the feelings she wanted to capture in the book and describes her impulse to document an important moment in her life. She also explains why Home/Land was more difficult to write than her previous books.

After the interview, June and co-host Karen Han talk about the challenges Rebecca faced while writing her book and what we can learn from them.

In the exclusive Slate Plus segment, June asks Rebecca for some moving tips.

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  • June Thomas is the co-host of Slate's Working podcast. She is writing a book about archetypical lesbian spaces.