Creative Advice From Very Successful People

Zak Rosen, host of The Best Advice Show podcast, shares words of wisdom from some of his favorite guests.


Episode Notes

This week, host June Thomas talks to Zak Rosen, host of The Best Advice Show podcast. First, they discuss the premise of Zak’s podcast, which features very short pieces of advice, then Zak shares some clips of his favorite words of wisdom.

In the exclusive Slate Plus segment, Zak offers advice about interviewing.

If you have advice that you’d like to share with Zak, you can leave a message at (844) 935-BEST.

If you want to get in touch with us at Working—whether you have creative advice or a problem you’d like us to help us solve—leave a message at (304) 933-WORK or email us at

Podcast production by Zak Rosen.


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Slate interviews Americans about their jobs.

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  • June Thomas is senior managing producer of Slate podcasts.