How Zoe Kazan, Roxane Gay, and Alison Bechdel Dealt With a Year of COVID

“It took several months before I was able to find my writing groove, and frankly I’m still trying to find it.”—Roxane Gay


Episode Notes

This week June Thomas, Isaac Butler, and Rumaan Alam co-host a special episode about staying creative during a difficult year. First they talk about their own experiences in quarantine and how they managed to continue getting work done. Then they hear from other professional creative people like Zoe Kazan, Emma Straub, Jessica Winter, Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Alison Bechdel, Emily Gould, Roxane Gay, Chris Eigeman, Alex Winter, and Michael R. Jackson, who discuss the obstacles they faced over the past year and how they dealt with them.

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